Welcome to the Ice Age!

Explore A World That Nearly Disappeared More Than 10,000 Years Ago!

Ever since a frozen mammoth carcass was discovered in Siberia in the early 1800s, children and adults alike have been fascinated by the Ice Age and the supersized mammals that dominated the Earth during the Pleistocene.

Join Sid, Manny, Diego and Scrat as you wander through the most fascinating ecosystems of the Ice Age.

The entire exhibit is “interactive” – learn how the Ice Age has changed the world by using touch screens, animated maps, and watching video clips – you’ll even take on the role of researcher!

The Characters

Chaos and calamity follow this prehistoric squirrel whose sole mission is to bury an elusive acorn.

Don’t let the sometimes serious nature of this brave herd leader and family mammoth fool you. He’s a caring friend with a big heart.

Armed with a biting sense of humour, this saber tooth tiger joins the herd and together they embark on adventures.

This prehistoric sloth definitely makes up for some pretty disastrous ideas with an endearing clumsiness and a very good heart.

Scientist & Exhibition Images

Dr. Lindsay Zanno

Dr. Lindsay Zanno is a renowned American vertebrate paleontologist and expert in the taxonomy of Therizinosaurs. Dr. Zanno is Director of the Paleontology & Geology Research Laboratory at the Museum of Natural Science in North-Carolina. Within the ICE AGE: A Mammoth Journey Exhibition, her responsibility is to ensure that the exhibition’s scientific background is accurate.

Ice Tunnel / Ice Cave

Walk through a real frozen ice tunnel to a scientific research station where discoveries are made.

Ice Theatre

View an excerpt from James Balog’s documentary Chasing Ice and experience a vast iceberg the size of lower Manhattan calve from a Greenland glacier.

Field Station

Operate an ice core drill and learn how researchers collect and “read” data.