Selected Media feedback on ICE AGE: A Mammoth Journey – The Exhibition

EXPRESS Köln, 06/02/2017

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Kölnische Rundschau, 06/01/2017

ICE AGE: A Mammoth Journey – The Exhibition

World Premiere from 2 June 2017 at the Odysseum Cologne

GWith giant glaciers, freezing temperatures, and huge mammoths there is hardly another period in prehistoric time as fascinating as the ice age. The beloved ICE AGE films have rekindled the popularity of this epoch and its creatures in today’s pop culture. But what do we know about this era? Was the Ice Age really always icy? Which animals populated the Ice Age steppes? Why are there no more mammoths? How did the perpetual ice affect the global sea-level?

Up from June 2nd 2017 the Odysseum Cologne aims to engage visitors of all ages for the interactive exhibition ‘Ice Age: A Mammoth Journey’ and its topics climate change and ecosystems…